Blackwing (Raven’s Mark #1) by Ed McDonald | Review

Blackwing (Ravens' Mark #1)BowBowBowBowBowΒ 5/5 Ribbons for this awesome & dark fantasy book!

Blackwing is a job not everybody is allowed to do- not everybody can manage. The Nameless choose them for different reasons. Why Crowfoot chose Galharrow, he doesn’t know himself. The Nameless have been fighting the Deep Kings for millenia and humans are just like bugs under their feet at worst, a means to fight each other at the best of times.

Once he had been something, someone else but now, he is Blackwing and when he is not, he rides through the war-born wasteland that is the Range. Magic seeps though its air and creeps into your skin, blinds you, deceives you, makes you sick. The creatures that live there are born of hate and the darkest magic imaginable. Galharrow is hunting in the Rage…

This book is gory, dark, critical and wonderful and it had me hooked from page one guys! In recent weeks, I haven’t had time to read a lot of books but this one was just so awesome, I just had to read it through within a week which is the equivalent of my usually 24 hours πŸ˜€

There is a major conspiracy in the book and I really don’t want to tell you more about the plot- which was awesome. it had the gore, it had the social criticism, it had the setting, the world and even some very fitting romance and self-reflection. What stood out for me above all was the amazing main character. That’s why i can really recommend this book to everybody who wants to try out something new.

I loved and hated Galharrow and it was amazing to unravel the mysteries that surround the biggest secret the Nameless have. I really urge you to all go and read this wonderful and gripping start of a new fantasy series that I’m sure will blow your mind! I am usually a little bit stingy,m but I WILL buy this one in August ❀


Klara, over and out πŸ˜‰


I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Author: RibbonReviews

Hey there! My name is Klara and I love reading and to share my thoughts about the things I read. I know how hard it can be to choose your next read. So I realized that I should start my own Blog not only tell the people out there what new literature is worth taking a look at. But also what other books are out there and have been long forgotten ;))

16 thoughts on “Blackwing (Raven’s Mark #1) by Ed McDonald | Review”

        1. Ha, you’ll have quite a wait I’m guessing, end of July in the UK and October in the US for Blackwing, god knows when the second one will be released! πŸ˜‚

          I haven’t read a bad review for it yet, a couple of recent fantasy books have both good and bad reviews for them but Blackwing so far seems to be universally loved.

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        2. I feel exactly the same. Sometimes I like to read at least part of the series again just to know all the details when it has been so long. At least we have GoT now πŸ˜‚ I’m really curious how different it will actually be in the end, though. Do you watch GoT?

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        3. I do, I really like the show and can’t wait for it to start! πŸ™‚ That’s very true, I’ve seen some people say that they won’t bother with the book when it’s finally released as they will have seen the show but I’m not one of them, I’ll still be interested to see how the book and show do differ.

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        4. Me too, I don’t think I would want to ignore the “original”story and just acceot the ending of the series. I do hope that jon snow won’t die though. If he dies in the book, the series is the new truth πŸ˜‚

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