Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Alire Saenz | Review

BowBowBowBowBow 5/5 Ribbons

Bildergebnis für Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universefor this wonderful book that I should have read sooner ❤

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is a YA book that has all the right twist and turns. Unexpected friendships, love, family… Even though there are lots of light-hearted and insightful scenes, Aristotle and Dante’s story has also a few darker moments. Prejudice, gang life, poverty, racism and homophobia are addressed in this book on different levels. 

There is a variety of themes and so, there are also a variety of characters I met in this book. From doting parents, funny pets and amazing main characters and even some cowards and villains, you can find everything here.

Th writing style was imaginative and elaborate, without being overly explanatory or boring. It fit well in the story’s mood. The dialogues were extraordinarily well placed ( I think most authors use dialogues just because they don’t know how to go about a certain topic in the book). Saenz did a wonderful job of bringing this story to my home.

But I didn’t like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe because of the character variety. I honestly cared almost only for the two main characters Ari and Dante. heir story is the main story and it touched my heart in ways I cannot or care not to analyze because it was just beautiful to listen to the awesome audiobook and enjoy the dialogues and the questions those two asked themselves: who am I? Where do I belong to? Which is the culture I want to be part of? What about my family, sexuality and education?

These are questions all us ask themselves to some degree at some point of their life and I just love their journey. The way is full of stones and rocks and hills and rivers, but also sunny days, and they make it through everything together as friends. I don’t feel embarrassed to say that I have started crying about four times while listening to the book in one day (!!).

There is nothing bad I can say about this book, I loved every minute of it and afterwards, I decided to immediately buy the hardcover edition because I just needed to have this book in m house ❤ I actually had such a bad hangover that only a week after I have finished it, I am ready to write this review. The story progresses slowly and naturally.

Maybe not all of you ( who haven’t read it) will be touched by the book as I was, but fr me, it is now one of my all-time-favourites. You should start reading really,soon!

The Nature of Gods: Awakening | Review

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The Awakening by D.J. TorresI don’t know why but it seems that I don’t pick lots of books that I like these days…

The Nature of Gods: Awakening seemed to be an interesting read after reading the blurb and the cover is also beautiful ❤
After I started reading, I was sucked into this world pretty quickly. Olivia, Nature and other characters are very emotional and I got to know them very fast. The writing was very imaginative and there was a great balance between dialoge and descriptions.

I can’t tell you more positive things, because that was about it. I honestly loved the writing style but it just couldn’t make up for a cliche plot. The bullied girl gets super powers, finds Mr. Right while fighting the evil guys and becomes popular. That was the whole book in one sentence. I wish there had been some plot twists that were actual twists(!). I though the love interest was kind of lame and a little unreasonable.
Olivia and her neighbour barely ever talked with each other and all of the sudden he makes her compliments and touches her in the face all the time. She doesn’t get his advances for a long time, either. That was pretty unrealistic in my opinion.

It might seem a bit harsh but it was hard to enjoy the book with such obviously not thought-through actions, characters and dialoges. Sometimes I felt that the dialoges were kind of just there to fill the page. I don’t know. Maybe I am just a little too old (20) but maybe younger readers can excuse such things. I had higher expactations that unfortunately, were not met, even though the premise captured me instantly.

* I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Ringing in the New Year Tag- Better late than never

Hey guys! As you know I have been busy these weeks BUT I have finally started to tackle my Tags and Awards and all the awesome things I want to talk about, starting today. Even though this was not the first tag I should to, I felt like it was a good thing to summarize a few thing here. I was tagged by Debby @ AlwaysBoking, Ida @ A booklover’s Corner and the girls over at LilBookLovers. Thank you for tagging me and sorry I caught up so late 😀

Best book/series you’ve read in 2016?

I would say there are quite a few candidates, so I will name two.

Best series: A Song of Ice and Fire

Best book: Portal of a Thousand Worlds

There is also ACOTAR and ACOMAF to mention but I read the first book in 2016 and the second in 2017 so there you are.. haha what a loop hole 😀

Authors that you’ve recently found and would to read more of in the New Year

There are some that I would love to read more about. The obvious thing is probably Sara J. Maas, J.R.R Martin but also, and I recommend those to everyone: Frances Hardinge and Annette Marie. They’re not so widely known but their books are really great and I have a few books of those two on my TBR for 2017, too.

Most anticipated book turned TV/Movie show.

One Picture: Bildergebnis für beauty and the beast

Name a character that you wouldn’t mind sharing a kiss on midnight

The High Lord of the Court of Dreams ❤

What’s on my TBR for 2017?

Bildergebnis für a court of wings and ruin cover   Bildergebnis für a feast of crows   RedWinter3 (cover) - Annette Marie   Bildergebnis für aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe   Wait for It   Bildergebnis für the hedge knight

To only show you a few 🙂

Will you participate in the Goodreads reading challenge or any other?

I will only participate in the Goodreads reading challenge. I want to read 100 books in 2017 and I’m on a good way 😀 But I also don’t want to participate in any other challenge. I feel like that would just spoil the fun if I had to search for a specific book of a specific author or a theme that I actually don’t feel interested in. So I will stick to my random TBR 😀

Any New Year’s resolution (bookish, blogging, or otherwise)?

2017 didn’t start well for me. Too much stress, too much work, not enough time for blogging or sports. But I did start to work out more and I read a lot, and I drink lots of smoothies. Since I wanted to live a little healthier and start working out again, I’d say I’m on a good way but I wish I had more time for blogging..


Honestly, I am so late, I won’t tag anybody because I think everybody who wanted to do it did it already. But if you wanted to do the tag, feel TAGGED 😀

Have a nice day guys!


Do you know any of the books I want to read? Are you excited about The Beauty and The Beast or don’t you like Disney? What is on your TBR this year? Let’s chat in the comments!


Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein | Review

BowBow 2,5/5 Ribbons

Rose Petal Graves by Olivia WildensteinI started Rose Petal Graves a few days ago. I was intrigued by the cover and the blurb and started reading right after I received the copy from Netgalley. I liked the idea of ancient battles between men and faeries and the love story that had been promised.

As I started reading, I soon realized that Cat, the main character was really lost in the world which had revealed itself after th tragic death of her mother. I enjoyed that Rose Petal Graves was a family story. She and her father have a very close relationship. In fact, the whole town seems to have close ties with everyone basically.

I liked that the story was progressing fast and there was never a boring par to this book. Unfortunately, the characters were rather flat in my opinion. There was hinted at a lot of tension between different people and groups, but usually, they were only mentioned in passing which was a shame. I would have like to get to know the characters better.

The romance-y part seemed kind of forced in the beginning because suddenly, there was a kiss and then for a long time nothing. It was a little weird.

The writing style was not to my liking because I don’t enjoy reading a book where everything important is conveyed through two characters speaking. I really liked the ideas the author had but I have to say that I did not enjoy the story a lot. I have two stars because I felt that I might be too harsh and the plot was cool.

I can recommend this book to everyone who likes sudden turns of action and doesn’t mind characters being a little flat.

*I received this copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

Characters I can’t let go

There are billions of books out there. Some of them, I have read. Others, I shunned. Still others, I wish I had in every possible edition. Some of those beloved books hold characters, I will probably never forget, no matter how much time passes. In this little post, I want to you to get to know some of them.

The order is no ranking.

Ähnliches FotoBilbo Baggings from the Shire. Is probably my all-time favourite character. I loved his struggles, his bravery, his snobbish attitude, his love for smoking weeds and cakes. He is a hero of many sorts and I would be lying if I’d say I haven’t dreamt of writing my Bachelor Thesis about him. He is so afraid and wants to go home and snuggle up to his coziest blanket and forget the evil and dangerous world outside the Shire but he keeps going, saving his friends, showing how cunning he truly is and staying true to himself and his (moral) standards. I just adore him ❤

I guess all of you know the book he is from but I’ll post a picture anyway 😉 FUNfact: J.R.R Tolkien painted this cover himself.

Bildergebnis für the hobbit book cover

Bildergebnis für samwell tarly I know that this might come a little unexpected, but I love Samwell Tarly with all my heart. Just like Bilbo ( I can’t help it, I know, I know ), or probably even more like Bilbo, Samwell struggles to find his place in a world that is alien to him. He says he is a craven but the old gods and the new know that he is a hero in his own right. He is brave, loyal and strong, even though he is a fat little fella who can’t carry his own weight around. Even though I am more a fan of the books than of the series, I just love the makers of Game of Thrones because they made Sam look just as I have always imagined him to be ❤

Bildergebnis für game of thrones book cover

Bildergebnis für Ronan and adamI want to mention Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish together because they belong to the same books. Ronan is somebody who is very.. socially awkward in a way that isn’t really obvious. He can’t express his feeling very well and some of his school mates even call him ‘soulless’ but that’s just the only way he knows how. He was different, at some point in his life before everything came crashing down and I just felt for him, his story, his life. I felt so connected to him that it physically hurt to read the books sometimes. Ronan is love, silent, dark and frail love ❤

Bildergebnis für raven boysI can say the same thing about a character I didn’t really like in the second book of the series. I don’t know why, but he annoyed me at that point. But later on, he turned out to be the spark that lit my heart on fire. I love this series and I love Adam and Ronan. Adam is a frail character in so many other ways than Ronan, but he struggles and struggles…. and he pulls through it all. He’s the one lesson everybody should keep in mind. It’s “Keep going and it’s going to be alright”. That’s the most important message of all I believe. Adam also represents a part of me that I never really acknowledge because I ignore it most of the time. There is a life-changing encounter he has with somebody ( no spoilers here ;)) that change him and I went through something very similar, so we’re basically stuck with the same problems. That was what really made me love Adam Parrish ❤


Bildergebnis für Rhysand Last but not least: Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court. This is probably the guy who doesn’t quite fit in the lot but I had to mention him here nonetheless. From the first book onward I just knew there was more to this guy than he let on but to what extend- I never truly knew untill I read he second part of the ACOTAR series. I don’t think it’s about him being sexy. It’s more about giving up everything for the people he loves, his people. He is the one who would never hesitate. Even though his might be an odd thing to say, I hated Tamlin from the start, so it really wasn’t hard for me that he did… what he did haha don’t want to spoiler anybody 😉

Rhysand s just funny, brave, loyal and independent, smart, what more would anybody want? ❤

Bildergebnis für ACOTAR cover


Stolen Futures: Unity by Cat Lyons | Review

BowBowBow3/5 Ribbons

Stolen Futures: Unity, the Complete TrilogyStolen Futures: Unity, the Complete Trilogy was a fun read. I could really see that the author has invested a lot of time to come up with all the background stories theories and especially with the culture I met in this book. The future was kind of scary in a surreal way that only sci-fi stories can make you feel.

A girl, Annie, is for reasons I will not tell you know ;), teleported into a future time-line and finds herself in future Las Vegas. Soon she learns that she has to save the future. But what that really means and what she has to do, who she will meet and what challenges await her before she might accomplish the seemingly impossible remains yet to be seen..

The premise really intrigues me so I started reading and first, I really wasn’t sure that this was really a fantasy book, but as the story kept going I enjoyed the character and the interactions with others. Annie was one of those characters who are so human, it’s almost not funny anymore. Sometimes, her denial about what happened to her really annoyed me but she soon grew on me as she realized that what had happened to her was real.

I enjoyed the writing style and the culture Lyons described, the struggles the future world had gone through.. It was all intriguing and fascinating. Lyon is a great story builder.

Some characters were a little flat in my opinion. I like it when characters feel more than they think and when they remember more than they actually tell others. It’s a matter of style I guess. So even though I liked the overall writing-style, I had my problems with the characters.

What also bugged me, and what is also the second reason I only gave three stars, was that concepts and people who were really important, or at least seemed to be so were kind of just dumped into the story. Whoops- there is something new the main character and I as a reader have to cope with but really, I felt like the important things were totally ignored by Annie while other things I though were extremely essential for her to know were just waltzed over like an advertisement the boy next door delivers every Thursday. That frustrated me.

But just because the book wasn’t as enjoyable for me, doesn’t mean you won’t like it. If you don’t mind a fast-moving plot, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Stolen Futures: Unity a lot 😉

The Magician’s Workshop Vol.1 by Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr| Review

Bow 1/5 Ribbons DNF

Bildergebnis für the magicians workshopI don’t even know where to start guys! I really liked the premise of the book. Hundreds of years after the sea has risen so much that most of th land on Earth was drowned by water, people have evolved. They have the cool ability to conjure homographs at will, give them live and transfer emotions to them. It seemed all pretty cool, especially since the government is very restrictive and the police is everywhere on the islands people now live on. It seemed like a fun story in the beginning, but I realized pretty soon that the story really wasn’t something I would enjoy.

I didn’t like how much the characters talked. Most of the book was just speech and it really annoyed me at some point because I would have loved to know more about the people, their characters, the islands they live on and such. But I was disappointed there.

So many characters had the potential to be great, deep characters but their chance to become such characters was denied because everything we got to know them their traits and things they feared was mostly conveyed by other characters talking about or to them.

It annoyed me to the point that I really didn’t want to read anymore of the book. My review might seem a little harsh at this point, but I for me, that was just a book which could have been great but turned out to be too superficial.

*I received the book from the authors in lieu of my honest review.