Review Policy and Rating System

Review Policy

I will accept all printed books, or ebooks (epub format) which are sent to me and read them within an appropriate time frame. I will post my review on my blog, Goodreads and I will mention and update on reviews via social media such as Twitter (and Instagram if I receive a physical copy).

Please note that I will only do so if the book is one of the following genres: Fantasy, YA and Romance. I will accept other genres and non-fiction for review as well, but please make sure to contact me in advance, since I have to be interested in the book and might wish to know a bit more about it before reading it. I don’t want to give a bad review just because I was not interested in the subject matter in the first place.

Please fill out the form and write down the title of the work, the author and publishing company and I will include your work in my reading list.

Or write me an Email:


My Rating System

Bow 1/5 Ribbons: The book was not to my liking. Plot, characters, events or/ and writing style were not satisfying for me.

BowBow 2/5 Ribbons: The book had some issues concerning plot, characters, events or writing style, which made it hard for me to enjoy a lot of parts of the book but it was still an ok read.

BowBowBow3/5 Ribbons: The book was alright and I enjoyed reading it. I mostly liked the overall structure/plot, characters and/or writing style. There were some issues in other areas that I couldn’t count as minor issues.

BowBowBowBow 4/5 Ribbons: I enjoyed this book a lot. There were minor issues I had concerning plot, characters, events or writing style but they did not interfere with a great reading experience.

BowBowBowBowBow 5/5 Ribbons: The book was great and there is nothing I could possibly complain about. I recommend this book to everyone and I will surely remember this book for a long time.


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