10 Year Challenge With A Twist

Thanks to Jenny in Neverland for doing this awesome post that inspired me to respond with my own twist on the 10 Year Challenge.jon-tyson-520850-unsplash

The last ten years have been a roller-coaster ride for me. I just turned 25 so if I’m honest, I don’t know anymore what kind of problems my 15 year-old self had. What I do know is that to say that the years that came after were a mixed bag is a huge understatement. For a very long time, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I’ve overcome quite a lot of obstacles and I’m not sure I will ever be able to leave that part of me behind. I‘ve struggled with mental illness to a degree which made everyday life almost unbearable for at least 6 of those 10 years .

But I’ve also had huge upsides during that time that my 15-year-old self could have never imagined. I overcame some of my insecurities and started studying American Studies, which I love (I’m currently writing my thesis). I started my own business and I’ve maintained a healthy partnership for almost 5 of those years.  I’ve had the courage to stop seeing people who were making me miserable, and through that, I was not only able to see that I was capable of having meaningful and healthy relationships with other people and that I deserved and needed to realize that I am worth something no matter how much I fail at a something.

The biggest thing I probably learned in the last 10 years is this: it’s all about your mindset. The worst situation won’t be half as bad if you don’T roll around in your negative feelings and instead focus on manageable and healthy solutions. The second thing is this: don’t be too proud to seek help, but let yourself be the one who decides for you.

Let's Chat

What are the things that you’re proud of that you accomplished in the last 10 years? Let’s chat about our experiences!

Unpopular Opinions | Book Tag

I was tagged by Ida @aBooklover’sCorner and it really took me a few months to finally do this tag.  I wish I could have done it earlier Ida but as I was on hiatus, I hope you won’t mind me doing it now 😀


Bildergebnis für six of crows

It’s actually a duology and I don’t really know if that counts, but I actually tried to read Six of Crows 5 times but I never really got into the story.





I think I did’t really like the Cursed Child. I know a lot of people loved the play, but I don’t think that I’d be even interested in actually watching it.




Horror. I think I’d like to read more horror, but my TBR pile is already too high 😀


I know he is a really controversial character but I really hate Littlefinger from A Song of Ice and Fire. Lots of people love him but I just want him dead xD


I know people are going to hate me for saying this, but even though I did enjoy the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Maas, I did find the writing and the structure of the overall plot of the trilogy to be lacking. Not because I didn’t like the plot, but because I felt like it wasn’t well thought-through. For me, it seemed like she was actually telling three stories.

I might try her other series and see how the story is there because some people told me that it was much  better than ACOTAR. We’ll see 😉


Girl falls for boy only because he is sexy and box is trying to seduce girl to stop her from accomplishing mission X.


The Discworld series. My bf got me one of the books and even though I did enjoy reading it, it felt kind of weird to read the story, simply because I felt that the “humor’ in the story was more important than character development and plot.


Can’t think of any show or movie that was actually so much better than the books that I wish I had never read the books.

However, I prefer the HBO adaptation of the ASOIAF series to the books when it comes to Jon Snow. I loved him from the very first chapter of the first book and I do start to like him less in the books at some point ( I won’t spoiler you guys 😉 ). And I think the HBO adaptation did make Jon Snow to somebody I could have imagined him to become. So in that respect, the series was better than the books. But we all know J.R.R Martin and you never know what happens next in his books.


I hope you won’t hate me for me ‘unpopular opinions’ 😉 I Tag:





Ringing in the New Year Tag- Better late than never

Hey guys! As you know I have been busy these weeks BUT I have finally started to tackle my Tags and Awards and all the awesome things I want to talk about, starting today. Even though this was not the first tag I should to, I felt like it was a good thing to summarize a few thing here. I was tagged by Debby @ AlwaysBoking, Ida @ A booklover’s Corner and the girls over at LilBookLovers. Thank you for tagging me and sorry I caught up so late 😀

Best book/series you’ve read in 2016?

I would say there are quite a few candidates, so I will name two.

Best series: A Song of Ice and Fire

Best book: Portal of a Thousand Worlds

There is also ACOTAR and ACOMAF to mention but I read the first book in 2016 and the second in 2017 so there you are.. haha what a loop hole 😀

Authors that you’ve recently found and would to read more of in the New Year

There are some that I would love to read more about. The obvious thing is probably Sara J. Maas, J.R.R Martin but also, and I recommend those to everyone: Frances Hardinge and Annette Marie. They’re not so widely known but their books are really great and I have a few books of those two on my TBR for 2017, too.

Most anticipated book turned TV/Movie show.

One Picture: Bildergebnis für beauty and the beast

Name a character that you wouldn’t mind sharing a kiss on midnight

The High Lord of the Court of Dreams ❤

What’s on my TBR for 2017?

Bildergebnis für a court of wings and ruin cover   Bildergebnis für a feast of crows   RedWinter3 (cover) - Annette Marie   Bildergebnis für aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe   Wait for It   Bildergebnis für the hedge knight

To only show you a few 🙂

Will you participate in the Goodreads reading challenge or any other?

I will only participate in the Goodreads reading challenge. I want to read 100 books in 2017 and I’m on a good way 😀 But I also don’t want to participate in any other challenge. I feel like that would just spoil the fun if I had to search for a specific book of a specific author or a theme that I actually don’t feel interested in. So I will stick to my random TBR 😀

Any New Year’s resolution (bookish, blogging, or otherwise)?

2017 didn’t start well for me. Too much stress, too much work, not enough time for blogging or sports. But I did start to work out more and I read a lot, and I drink lots of smoothies. Since I wanted to live a little healthier and start working out again, I’d say I’m on a good way but I wish I had more time for blogging..


Honestly, I am so late, I won’t tag anybody because I think everybody who wanted to do it did it already. But if you wanted to do the tag, feel TAGGED 😀

Have a nice day guys!


Do you know any of the books I want to read? Are you excited about The Beauty and The Beast or don’t you like Disney? What is on your TBR this year? Let’s chat in the comments!


Celebrating The Little Things Book Tag


I was tagged by my friend Debby @ Always Booking. She has entertaining reviews and all kinds of other cool stuff on her beautiful blog! You should take a few minutes and go visit it 😉 Sorry for doing it so late but better late than never 😉

Who was your very first follower (if you can find out)? Tag them and give them a shout out!

I was quite lucky, because my first follower was the author Aiden J. Reid He wrote some awesome books I’m sure you’ll enjoy 😉

What was the last milestone you reached? 50 posts

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us!

winnipegThis was a review of a book I really enjoyed. Everybody interested in romance should read this one! It’s The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata 

Who was your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shout out!

That would be ichabod2014ic. Thanks for the follow!

What was the last post you posted and who was the very first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!

Hey Tina ! I just saw your blog and I really like your poetry 😀 Guys, you should really take the time to go visit. Her blog is beautiful 😀

How many months have you been blogging for?

I think I have been blogging for about three months.

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out.

Of course! I’m so glad I got to know Debby @Always Booking and Jasmine @ How Useful It Is I love the little chats I have with Reg @ She Latitutde and Cassiopeia’s Moon.

Go check out their blogs, they’re all amazing and entertaining 😉

Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

Tthat would be the This Is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Tag which was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek


Have you any social media related to your blog?

Sure I do 😉 I’m all yours at Twitter and Instagram. Feel fre to explore and follow me anytime 😉


Last but not least …. just say thanks to all your followers.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has followed me, commented or liked any of my blog posts. It wouldn’t be as much fun as it is without you ❤

ineedthisforreactions thank you so much gif

All of the people I mentioned are tagged! And YOU, if you want to give your followers and fans a shout out, who am I to deny you this? ;)

This is My Genre, Tell Me Yours Book Tag



I was tagged by my friend Debby @ AlwaysBooking!  Her blog is wonderful and her reviews are funny, honest and original. This tag was created by Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek . This tag is to show off your favorite genre, what book got you into that genre, what book would you recommend to someone just starting out in that genre. What a great idea! I just couldn’t resist to do this one 😀

The Rules:

  • Credit the bad ass Drew @The Tattooed Book Geek as the creator of the tag, either use the created tag name graphic or create your own and link back to his blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag as many people as you want


The Questions…

What is your favorite Genre?

I think I have many genres I like but the aspect which I can always appreciate is



Who is your favorite author from that genre?

I think there are a lot of great authors. Some are very popular and new, some are already dead and famous or not, but there is a special place in my heart for J.R.R. Tolkien.



What is it about the genre that keeps pulling you back?

I think it’s tha paranormal, the extraodinary that I like about it. The magical worlds of any given time give me the a new perspective on the world and I like to believe that nothing is impossible.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


What is the book that started your love for your favorite genre?

True to my previous answers, my answer will be The Hobbit. I love this book with all my heart. It got me through some tough things in live because it wasn (not only) an escape, but it offered hope and comfort to me. BTW, Tolkien drew this cover himself.



If you had to recommend at least one book from you favorite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start that genre, what book would you choose and why?

I think it is obvious that I would recommend The Hobbit. Not only because I like it so much, but also because it is easy to read, with everyday language. It is not overly descriptive as other books in this genre tend to be.


Why do you read? 

I think I read for fun, sometimes I like to forget the noisy, the busy, crowded and stressed aspects of life and dive into a world that is different from ours, but not overly so. Sometimes I read about strong people and I know I can be like them if I’m only brave enough. It makes me dare. It makes me forget and remember all the things that are important.


I tag…

Followers, old and new 🙂

Keeana @ KeeaneReads

Anzel @TheBackListBooks

Marteen @ MarteenReadsBooks

Nya @ NyaReads

Sue and Imogen @DoddyAboutBooks


AND YOU! If you want to do this tag, say I tagged you if you like 😉




The Goodreads Book Tag


I was tagged by my friend Debby from Always Booking. I recommend checking out her blog it’s so original and funny! I just love Goodreads so I’m really excited about doing this tag. Since I started using it, my life has become SO much easier!

What is the last book you marked as read?

20161023_155538    https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bf/Harry_Potter_and_the_Sorcerer's_Stone.jpg

A Game of Thrones and Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone (Audiobook). I finished both on the same day 🙂 Reviews will be up soon 😀

What are you currently reading?

https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/_b2c/media/cache/13/2e/132ea1f71c2618a43ac4da57ecf2441c.jpg   20161104_080218   https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b4/Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover).jpg

Size Matters is a buddy read I’m doing with Debby @ Always Booking, and ACOTAR was in a bookish box she send me. Thanks again Debby, I loved your box ❤ . I’m going through the Harry Potter series again bc I have to analyze the fourth book for a uni class, so I’m listening to the books before the fourth.

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Blogger Recognition Award


Even though I have started only about to or three months ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Jasmine at How Useful It Is. Take a few minutes to visit her lovely blog. Thanks so much for the nomination! It feels like I only just started yesterday, and yet there are people out there really enjoying my blog and what I do. It really made my day ❤ Of course, I accept the nomination haha.

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New York Times ‘By The Book’ Tag


The New York Times ‘By the Book’ tag was created by Marie Berg on YouTube, and I was tagged by Reg@SheLatitude.

Check out her lovely blog and leave some love ❤

Let’s do it! 😀

What book is on your nightstand now?


The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. I kind of liked the book so far, but it does move slowly sometimes and I have started reading other books. I want to finish it I just have to pick it up again. I’m halfway through so you just wait and see: The review will be there soon. 😉

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