Trick or Treat, Book or…? Planning A Bookish Halloween

Hello you wonderful people! Today I come with a special little treat for all of you who what to have a creepy night in with a book at their hands to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Here is my selection for you. Look through and find the perfect Young Adult book for your cre-he-hee-py adventure..

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On Monthly Gifts and Book Love

This is a monthly theme I want to start. I love checking my mailbox and finding somethin nice inside! That’s why I have made up my mind, chumps, and will introduce you to the wonderful world of book boxes. Since I love books and everything bookish, I have been craving to get my hands on a book box. It’s a monthly, or weekly subscription box with usually one book, selected for you according to your preference. I will purchase boxes and review them on my blog, so you can decide for yourself which box is something you’d like to have.

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Looking Behind, Looking Ahead | September


Good evening, or good morning, wherever you are, I hope you had a wonderful day so far 🙂 Just as Gandalf does, I’m going to look behind, on September and what has happened throughout the month. But where would humanity be if we’d never look ahead? Let’s take a moment and watch me trying to appear wise and looking into the future…

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Falling (Dark Planet #4) by Anna Carven | Review

BowBowBowBow 4/5 Ribbons

(This book is the fourth book of the Dark Planet Warrior series of Anna Carven. I would strongly recommend to read the first three books of the series before reading Falling.)

dank-planet-fallingNegotiations have started with Earth to make this a place where the Kordolians can live in peace. The wild, exiled prince Xalikian tries his best to make the Earthings believe that Earth will neither be invaded, nor colonized. It is a hard job to do as it is, but as a certain journalist demands not only attention, but answers as well. Continue reading “Falling (Dark Planet #4) by Anna Carven | Review”