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The List by Patricia Forde was an extremely interesting book that did not only question how a society works but also who actually the enemy of a system is: the system who cages its people or those who are outside the system, trying to break it. This post-apocalyptic world is full of the unknown: old words, medical practices and almost every knowledge the people ever had is gone or only in the minds of the eldest of people, who are not allowed to talk about the time before the Earth was covered by the sea. Before The Melting, which flooded most of the population, humans were highly advanced but afterwards, there were barely any survivors. Those who did found themselves in Ark, the city Noa founded. They have water soon and shelter, but it is not nearly enough to feed everybody if there are too many babies. So everything is restricted and you get three food portions a day, shoes are passed on as are clothes. Just as the living conditions are sparse, the language is too. THE LiSt is the new language. All words which are not in the list are not supposed to be used. If you should be caught using them anyways, you might be banned from Ark. And without the city, the wild wolves in the forest beyond will tear you apart.

But there are rebels who want to bring music and art back to the people, and all the lost words with it. Can the wordsmith’s apprentice stay strong and loyal to her home and Noa, the savior of mankind?

The List was such an interesting and wonderful read, I really recommend it to everyone who wants to read something that is light and deep at the same time.



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