Ensnared by Rita Stradling | Review

BowBowBowhalf-bow  3.5/5 Ribbons

and five for the beautiful cover ❤

EnsnaredEnsnared is a really cool, futuristic fantasy/ romance novel that can be devoured within a few short hours. We travel with Alainn, who lives in world where robots have replaced the working class of her society and are a big part of life. They drive cars fo you, the have replaced the police and are maintaining buildings. Organs and food as well as microchips are printed instead of created or cooked. It’s a really interesting world.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to know much about its limitations, how it came to be this way or how most humans cope or work with this situation. Actually, we don’t even know whether there are just much less humans on Earth in general because the book doesn’t tell us anything about this aspect, except what Alainn’s role is in all this.

Her father is a gambling genius who had a big project but couldn’t deliver a robot in time. As it is, the AI robot (artificial intelligence) looks exactly like Alainn and so, through a few circumstances the robot arranged, Alainn is sent to the new owner of the AI robot rose instead, until she can be exchanged with a finished and fully functioning AI robot.

But things, as usual, don’t go as planned and secret plots are discovered, hearts are broken, traumatizing memories haunt the characters involved and there is even a love story going on.

Reading the blurb, it was not really clear that Ensnared is going to be a love story. I liked it anyway, I think, but it really baffled me. It wasn’t the kind of insta-love that makes you want to roll your eyes and stop reading. It was the kind of subtle love affair that starts long before the characters really know what was happening. But, the physical contact was definitely there too quickly in my opinion. SO there is that.

I know I gave this book 3.5 Ribbons, but I honestly don’t know how to actually rate it.

As I mentioned, there is not a lot, or rather no world building at all going on and most of what is happening is not being reflected by the main characters. Even though I love reading about new cultures and societies and was therefore really disappointed that the book didn’t have a few more pages than 270 to get a few lines of our surrounding in. I was positively surprised by the time and effort the author put in to make this love story realistic, healthy and romantic in a cold world full of metal and wires.

I don’t know what it was, maybe the fast-paced plot or the easy writing style but something kept me going and I finished this book on the same day I started it. I would have wished for it to be a little thicker and more detailed, though.

I would recommend this book to everybody who wants to read an unsual love story.

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