The Magician’s Workshop Vol.1 by Christopher Hansen and J.R. Fehr| Review

Bow 1/5 Ribbons DNF

Bildergebnis für the magicians workshopI don’t even know where to start guys! I really liked the premise of the book. Hundreds of years after the sea has risen so much that most of th land on Earth was drowned by water, people have evolved. They have the cool ability to conjure homographs at will, give them live and transfer emotions to them. It seemed all pretty cool, especially since the government is very restrictive and the police is everywhere on the islands people now live on. It seemed like a fun story in the beginning, but I realized pretty soon that the story really wasn’t something I would enjoy.

I didn’t like how much the characters talked. Most of the book was just speech and it really annoyed me at some point because I would have loved to know more about the people, their characters, the islands they live on and such. But I was disappointed there.

So many characters had the potential to be great, deep characters but their chance to become such characters was denied because everything we got to know them their traits and things they feared was mostly conveyed by other characters talking about or to them.

It annoyed me to the point that I really didn’t want to read anymore of the book. My review might seem a little harsh at this point, but I for me, that was just a book which could have been great but turned out to be too superficial.

*I received the book from the authors in lieu of my honest review.


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