Magic Chest Subscription Box! Thank You & Get 25% off your first Subscription


The first box of the new Magic Chest subscription box will ship at the end of this moth, and we’re happy that so many of you have been interested and as excited as we were about starting our European subscription box!

We want to say THANK YOU to all of you who liked and shared and followed us on Instagram and Twitter and spread the word on WordPress! But actions speak louder than words. That’s why we want to give all you


Use the coupon code: RIBBON25  at our cratejoy shop Magic Chest and follow us on Instagram 😉

Spread the Word!

Tell your crazy aunt, the neighbor, you followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share the love – and the coupon of course!

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Author: RibbonReviews

Hey there! My name is Klara and I love reading and to share my thoughts about the things I read. I know how hard it can be to choose your next read. So I realized that I should start my own Blog not only tell the people out there what new literature is worth taking a look at. But also what other books are out there and have been long forgotten ;))

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