Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo | Grisha Trilogy Review & Book Review

For the Grisha Trilogy I give BowBowBowBow 4/5 Ribbons

I finished the Grisha Trilogy just yesterday and I want to give you an overview of the whole series. But first let’s take a look at Ruin and Rising.

Ruin and Rising is the last of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. The book starts right after the Darkling and our protagonist Alina have fought against each other in the Palace. They are taken to a dark place, but they escaped the Palace as unharmed as they could.

From there on the story is a lot about recovery, summoning forces and biding their time. On both sides, that is. Of course, the Darkling has always something dark up his sleeve, but Alina, Mal and their friends are not helpless either. I can’t really say a lot here without spoiling the fun for you.

But if I’m honest, I feel like th ebook could have been much much shorter. There were some great revelations, and I especially enjoyed the scenes between Alina and the Darkling because I just love the Darkling and I would have wished that they’d find a way but he just made too many wrong choices I think…Those scenes were so real and full of emotion that some others seemed kind of dull in comparison. Maybe that’s just me but I think this story could have done a little more with emotions and less with hunts and wandering about. I enjoyed how the character grew on each other over time.

The ending was kind of expected, though they pulled it off well enough. I didn’t have the ending I would have liked and some things were left unsaid which I would have liked to know.

I would give the last book three ribbons.

The series as a whole is “worth” four stars. But I think I never really grew attached to most of the characters and I didn’t know most of the time whether I hated or pitied Mal so there was that. I couldn’t really connect with the characters. There were scenes that really took my breath away and the overall story is very unique and that’s what I really enjoyed a lot. There is a lot happening in the story, alliances had to be made and betrayals to be forgiven, war to be made and secrets to be unraveled. It’s a great read for all those who want to read about something new and a darkness never known before.



Did you read the Grisha trilogy? Hod did you like it? What are your thoughts about Mal and the Darkling or the other characters? Let’s cha in the comments 😉


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