Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo | Review

BowBowBowhalf-bow 3.5/5 Ribbons

20161214_080237Siege and Storm is the second installment of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy. The review of the first book, Shadow and Bone, can be found here.

It took me ages to finish Siege and Storm, anc that is probably why I couldn’t give it a higher rating. I  was excited to read the second part of the series because the first book gave nearly gave me a hangover and I couldn’t resist. Siege and Storm was especially one thing: unexpected. 

The new characters which were introduced were just funny, entertaining and sometimes even a bit suspicious to me. Their appearance in general was like – BOOM- new character! With them came a major plot twist I enjoyed a lot. They stay with out main character Alina and her best friend turned boyfriend, Mal. From the start liked Mal least and I liked him even less this time around. First of all, because he is a douchebag in my opinion and secondly because I like it when the girl gets the bad boy haha. 😀

Then I had to take a LONG break from Siege and Storm because I had to read Clash of Kings for uni, as well as a few other books. Papers, presentations, tests… you know the drill. Finally, FINALLY after a pause of two weeks or even three I got back to it and I was instantly pulled back into the story. My longing for the Darkling’s appearance increased while I enjoyed the changes that were taking place at the location Alina and Mal, along with the other new characters, were at.

As for the second part of the book, there wasn’t much happening plot-wise. But there was a lot going on character-wise. I loved the changes in Alina, though sometimes her thoughts and feelings were extremely dark and she was doubtful, but I enjoyed it a lot and I felt with her on every step of her dangerous journey. 

The ending was another plot twist and for me extremely unexpected. But I liked in nonetheless. Though The ending kind of made me sad, and of course, suspicious of the whole last chapter. But I will start with the third book ASAP, and tell you more about it soon. 😉

The second book didn’t disappoint at all, though some scenes were a little tiresome, but afterwards there was a lot happening. 



Did you read the Grisha trilogy? What were your thoughts about the book? Do you prefer it when the bad boy gets the girl? Or rather the good guy? Let’s chat in the comments 😉


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4 thoughts on “Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo | Review”

    1. Cool coincidence! Just bought the audiobook of Six Of Crows 😀 I’m currently listening to the Raven Circle by Maggie Stiefvater. The narrator is great. He creates an eerie feeling that fits perfectly to the story. Check it out if you haven’t already 😉

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      1. Love a good audio book. I just finished listening to The Martian for the 2nd time. A great voice doubles the enjoyment of a great story 🙂 currently got two audio books on the go and one waiting in the wings, but will check that out on audible 🙂

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        1. What is The Martian about? Sounds worth listening to if you’ve already listened to it twice. I’ll put it on my list 😉 Oh it really does. Just the other week, I was listening to a book and the narrator’s voice wasn’t at all to my taste. Started to hate the main character… so yeah. The vioce is extremely important haha 😀


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