Gilded Cage by Vic James | Review

This book was a buddy read with Debby @ Always Booking. And as last time, we rushed through this book with as impossibly high speed, given that we read it during the christmas days 😀 You can read her review if you follow the link to her lovely blog.

If you want lots of action, a little social critique, magic and rebellion, then get your hands on Gilded Cage 😉

Gilded Cage is an easy and fast read. The writing style is plain and simple and makes the read so much more enjoyable. It felt like I was flying through the pages!

About halfway through the book I knew that this one had to have a sequel since the book has about 250 pages. I kind if wish the book had been a bit longer, but I’ll explain that a little later.

I enjoyed the different characters, not only because there wasn’t only one protagonist, but many different voices. Sometimes, it was hard not to be deceived by them and their intentions. So even though it was a fast read, it was not a book were you can leave your brain outside the door. There were quite a few families and names involved that kept me on my toes as I read. Even though there were a lot of characters, I couldn’t really connect to any of them. At points, Gilded Cage felt like a historical account of happenings from different points of view. This is because almost none of the characters were well-developed, or rather, very emotional. There was just more talk about events than about characters and it made them seem a little flat. That’s why I wish there would have been more pages, so the characters would have a little more emotions.

Otherwise, I loved the story and its premise a lot and was intrigued by the events which unfolded before me. Some of the plot twists were really unexpected, some more predictable. It was very entertaining and didn’t feel dragged out at any point during my read.

I’m anxious to get my hands on the second book, which won’t be coming out during the next six month, since the release date for Gilded Cage is February 17th 2016. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift if you ask me 😉


Author: RibbonReviews

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