Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets | Review

BowBowBowBowBow 5/5 Ribbons

https://covers.booko.com.au/9781408855669.jpgHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets is the second book in J.K.Rowling’s wonderful Harry Potter series. As the first book, I listened to the audiobook and it was great, so I decided to go along for the audio ride.

Again a new year at Hogwarts begins, but not without strange things happening to our favourite wizard. Somebody wants to see him dead and enough people warn him, but when the situation gets more and more dangerous and friends’ lives are at stake, Harry, Hermione and Ron have to take action and help if they can…

As I already mentioned in my first review, I really enjoyed the easy and light writing style that made the story flow fast like a river after a storm. A storm is also threatening Hogwarts and the reader realizes why soon. The story was full of secrets and plot turns I didn’t expect, even though I watched the films several times. It was unpredictable to a major extent, I learned some more about my favourite characters ( especially about Hagrid *wink wink* ).

I enjoyed the gloomy and dangerous atmosphere that was there from the start till the end and kept me on my toes. I started listening to the audiobook whenever I could: when I did the laundry, ate or drove in my car. I basically devoured it. But what can I say? It was great and the house shines on top of it all 😉

I also loved how much the Weasley family was involved – hard to describe what’s happening without spoilers here. There were small moments that stayed with me after listening to the book, which I really enjoyed. The ending was not only satisfactory but also funny and it even had a lesson: what comes around goes around, one way or another. And money doesn’t buy happiness. These are important lessons that made me rethink some of the scenes I listened to.  And I think I begin to see Draco Malfoy in a totally different light.

The only thing that I thought the story lacked was that there are not more strong female characters, but that is a small price to pay for such a great story!

On Audiobooks in general:

Since this was my second book that I listened to for my blog, I honestly have to say that listening to an audiobook is harder than it might appear in the beginning. You’re easily distracted by other noises or people or even your own thoughts. So even though I tried to listen as much as I could because I really liked where things were going, I had to stop myself from listening a few times. I want to write a review of a book and that means for me that I have to listen (and read) closely and really think about what is happening. I feel like more phrases stay with me if I read this book so I don’t think that I will start listening to a lot of audiobooks for my blog.


What are your thoughts on Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets? What is your favourite character in Harry Potter? Do you read audiobooks? Why/why not? Tell me your story & let’s chat a little in the comments 😉


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