Falling (Dark Planet #4) by Anna Carven | Review

BowBowBowBow 4/5 Ribbons

(This book is the fourth book of the Dark Planet Warrior series of Anna Carven. I would strongly recommend to read the first three books of the series before reading Falling.)

dank-planet-fallingNegotiations have started with Earth to make this a place where the Kordolians can live in peace. The wild, exiled prince Xalikian tries his best to make the Earthings believe that Earth will neither be invaded, nor colonized. It is a hard job to do as it is, but as a certain journalist demands not only attention, but answers as well. She does not believe the Prince when he says his race wants human women so their race can survive. On top of that, hostile forces begin to challenge the little trust the Earthlings have in the Kordolians and Xalikian realizes he has to take risks to ensure his race can survive.


As I mentioned in the review of Book 1-3 of the Dark Planet Warrior series, the perspective changes back and forth between Abbey and General Tarak. In book 4, the perspective changes to third person narrative. Not only the point of view, but also the spotlight is reserved for two other characters. Tarak and Abbey are more on the sidelines this time. The focus has clearly shifted to the former supporting character Prince Xalikian and his human woman of interest, the journalist Sera Aquinas. Between this intergalactic mess Tarak, Xalikian and their group of follow- Kordolians have to face and the attempts to get friendly with the humans, a love story develops between ‘Xal’ and Sera.

Suspense, different perspectives, action

The change was not only a start of a new romance between a Human and a Kordolian. But also a direct result of the actions and conflicts of the first three books. Now that the focus has shifted, the reader gets to see a different side of war and politics in this affair. Suddenly, I asked myself very different questions than before. In the first three books, I asked myself: Will Abbey’s and Tarak’s relationship endure? What secrets and stories did I not hear of yet, etc. This time I wondered about the possibilities for both races, whether what Tarak, Abbey and Xalikian planned would work out. Will the Humans ever trust the Kordolians? Is there an intergalactic war at Earth’s doorstep?

Very suspenseful, action, romance, insight in and maybe some critic of the ever distrustful, paranoid and easy manupilable Humans.

At first I was a little disappointed about the change of perspective and the lack of action between my favourite characters. But I when I was half through the book, I realized that without this change of perspective, things wouldn’t have been as intense and capturing as they were.

What was also a little annoying were the sex scenes. For my taste, they were quite long. Even though sometimes, a sex scene can be what the reader wanted for the two characters to happen al last I felt there were a little too many of them, and kind of random at times. Adding to that was the fact that I felt that Xal and Sera had to hots for each other. That is alright, totally OK with me BUT suddenly, they had sex and then the romance between them really started. I would have liked some slow building up of their relationship.


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