PSY by Joey Slater-Milligan | Review

BowBowBowBow4/5 Ribbons

The Kindle Edition will be available on Speptember 23rd.


Jessa Baxter just starts her first year of highschool at the Winsbury School of Parapsychology in London. She meets new friends and everything seems to be fine until Emmeline Victor, the Head Girl, goes missing. Hugo Fletcher, her history teacher, seems to know more than he lets on about the case and is generally a mysterious man with a lot of secrets. Incidents let Jessa realize that she has a lot more parapsych abilities than she thought. And as her abilites increase Jessa and her friends are led to a path of people long thought dead, who seem to be somehow involved in the disappearance of Emmeline and Mr Fletcher’s secrets. Soon, they realize that there is more at stake than a criminal brought to justice. The peaceful world in which parapsychs and non-parapsychs live together is in danger..

The ebook has 400 pages and I read them within three days. There are horrible enemies Jessa and her friends have to face, in school and otherwise. As I read Psy, I felt as if I was one of the teenagers who uncovered the mystery and secrets of others. I began to think like them and to identify myself with them. I was so angry when somebody was mean to them or couldn’t understand them and laughed with them about silly things someone said. The scholarly atmosphere gave the book a certain shade of realness that I don’t find often in paranormal books. I think it was this mixture of magical and ordinary people and places that made it so easy to dive into this world, in which most of us wanted to be at least once in their lives.

Their friendship grows and evolves throughout the story to a powerful weapon against their adversaries. Mysteries unravel slowly and the suspense has no end until at last, everything is falling into place. I couldn’t put that one down!

The last couple of pages felt a little but dragged out to me. I wanted to know so badly what happens next that for me, it took too much time to get to the grande finale. The ending left my kind of unsatisfied because of its uncertainty. There are so many possibilities how the story could develop now, that I can’t believe that this is the end. The book isn’t even out there yet, and I already want a second one xDD

I know I am too curious and impatient for my own good #_#

My conclusion is, if you want a suspenseful, magical book about people like you and me going on an adventure, you will love this book. Make sure you have some time because I can almost promise you that you’ll fall for the characters just as I did, and where there is passion, there is no knowing how long you’ll stay awake to finish it 😉


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