Anna Carven Dark Planet Warrior Series Book 1-3 | Review


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Even though this is usually no problem, I want to mention here that only people over the age of 18 should read this book. It contains rude language, violence, death and very steamy sex scenes. I bought Book 1-3 as one single edition.

dark planet 1-3Overview

Anna Carven’s Dark Planet Warrior Series is a Sci-fi romance series that tells the story of Abbey, a scientist from Earth, stuck on a mining station, and Tarak. Tarak is a General of the Kordolian Empire, which is known throughout the nine galaxies for its cruelty. The General’s ship basically crash lands on the mining station Fortuna Tau and with it, it brings a strong enemy of the Kordolians. There he and Abbey meet for the first time. If you want to read a little more revealing abstract, then read the description on

Throughout this part of the series (so far five books), the perspective changes back and forth between Abbey and Tarak. This gives the reader a deep insight in the Kordolian lifestyle and culture as well as the human way of life in the 24th Century. This series has a lot to offer: dilemmas, oppression and slavery, a few attempts of murder, mad scientists, an arch enemy and an almost extinct race. It’s definitely not your typical romance plot.

What I liked: Story, writing style, deep characters

Even though the books have an average ( kindle ) page number of 200, the style is very straightforward and makes it easy to read. I read it in one of the most boring classes I ever had to take and a friend of mine read a few pages with me and started the books as well. Sometimes, the character ramble about what happened already but not in a way that makes the story boring. At the contrary, the character’s feelings and thoughts are mirrored well and are understandable to the reader. Every intense moment in the book can be felt like the rush before jumping off a cliff. Very dense, very intense moments in all five books of the series.

What I liked most as a student of the social sciences was that the cultures and customs, how cruel or ridiculous they may seem, were clearly displayed. I as a reader could identify with the characters in a much better way than I usually do when reading novel. The reason was the high amount of background information that was given. But there was nobody really telling a story of fifteen pages informing the reader about the ‘ancient times’ or the like. Rather, there were small pieces of information here and there which let me understand the characters and their actions and thoughts much better. That is probably what truly hooked me: I want to know how this one chance meeting of Abbey and Tarak will change the thoughts and actions of two whole races and possibly every planet connected to them.

What I didn’t like: Nothing

Actually, there was nothing that I really disliked about the series (book 1-3) so far. There are only a few sex scenes and it’s not necessary to read them if you don’t feel comfortable to read them. There is nothing said that’s of importance for the plot and usually, the scenes end when a chapter ends. I didn’t read all of them but the ones that I read were well written, not too outstretched.


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