Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout |Review

BowBowBowBowBow 5/5 Ribbons

Glamorous alien love for Katy and Daemon *.*


Second book of the series will have all those of you hooked who didn’t really know what to think of the first book and Daemon’s jerkish attitude. Onyx is full of problems and drama: new friends, new foes, sad stories of people thought lost and found again. It is full of romance of the most electric, send-your-heart-into-cardiac-arrest kind. The moments between the hero and the heroine were so intense, I felt my heart beating like crazy for those two. Not only in romantic scenes but also in quite.. dangerous ones. Worst cliffhanger at the end that I had to face in quite some time! :/

This book had me really thinking twice about some characters. It’s not always black and white in a world such as ours. If you have a day, or two and want something intense to read that makes your heart flutter, then go ahead and start. Because I didn’t even need two days to read Onyx, I couldn’t let go of it until I was finished.

I love that Jennifer L. Armentrout included a scene that was written in Daemon’s perspective. It left me craving for more of Katy and Daemon’s relationship. There is a lot of suspense in this book, more so than in the prequel and the first book. If you read the prequel, you will realize that slowly, characters that were mentioned there, got to join our heroine and hero on their rocky path to.. well I’m not sure where this is going, and Katy and Deamon aren’t sure themselves. But together I’m sure we will find out where this is all going and if there is happiness waiting for them at the end of this mysterious, dangerous and adventurous tunnel they are facing in Onyx.

Ooh I can’t wait to start reading the third book, Opal. But it won’t take me too long to start. Actually, I might as well start tonight.

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(I usually include a short teaser of the things happening but I couldn’t think of anything that wouldn’t spoil the fun for you. But if you need something like that, visit amazon.com or the author’s website.)

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