The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata | Review

 BowBowBowBow4/5 Ribbons

winnipegVanessa Mazur works for AIde Graves- the top defensive end in the Nation Football Organization. She is his assistant, mother, housekeeper, cook – name it, she has it. But Vanessa has plans for her life, she has a dream and she has to quit this job to start working towards her goal. It’s not a hard decision because Aiden is the worst employer ever. He doesn’t even say hello, thank you, or anything for that matter. But when she quits, The Wall of Winnipeg comes to her with an offer she cannot refuse…

The story had me hooked so much that I read it within one weekend. On my Ebook reader that’s 368 pages. Alright, didn’t get much sleep but I don’t regret it 😉 It’s a romance novel through and through, written from Vanessa’s perspective. The love story between the two progresses rather slowly in comparison to other novels I read. But it is not slow to read and on top of that, it makes the story believable. Sometimes, you read a book, the characters find each other very attractive and suddenly, they have sex and are in love. Here, that’s totally not the case. For two persons to really fall in love with each other, there has to be time and shared moments. The Wall of Winnipeg has these moments.

What I liked

What I find also special about Zapata’s novel is that the male character isn’t a total jerk and womanizer. Rather, he’s a dedicated athlete who looks at things rationally while being passionate and loyal at the same time. Vanessa’s perspective on things made me hate Aiden in the beginning, but I, just like Vanessa, quickly realized that he didn’t want to be mean on purpose. He is just a guy who has his own way of seeing the world around him. On the other hand, Vanessa was a very deep character with a realistic (though not pitiful) background and not a beauty, sent from the heaven that finds her god-like prince in shining armour.

Because the reader has only the female main character’s feelings and thoughts to go from, the guy she falls for is enigmatic throughout the entire story. Which creates this extra helping of suspense. Also, there is some sports-related content but it is not the focus of the novel.

BONUS POINT for the book cover: no naked torso and chest.

What I disliked

There was a lot of repetition about Aiden’s build. I think everyone can appreciate a nice body but Vanessa took this to a whole new level. Sometimes, it made me roll my eyes at how much she liked talking about him and his muscles. I have to add the fact that the main character is basically insecure about everything. This might be realistic in the sense that a lot of people over-think things. Though at some point I wanted to slap her and say: Yeah he likes you, believe it already! 😀

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